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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial


Adobe Photoshop Tools - Cropping


This tutorial is video based. The videos have been uploaded via You Tube but you can view them below.

The first tutorial shows you how the crop tool works for cropping and rotation. It also shows you that the area outside the crop zone is tinted black by default but this can be changed to a different colour or left un-shaded. The intention is to help you get a better idea of the final image. Hitting return fixes the crop. If you decide you don't want to crop after all just hit esc to get out of it.

The second tutorial shows you how you can use the crop tool to fix leaning buildings caused through perspective and lens distortion. There is a small box on the top menu bar that needs to be checked when doing this called 'perspective'. It doesn't appear until after you have started using the tool. Carefully line the sides of the crop marker up against a side that should be vertical. Do this on both sides. It doesn't matter how far in from the edge this is so long as you can clearly line it up. Now, by dragging from the middle only, you can drag the crop sides out to the edge of the image and they will keep the same perspective. Once happy hit return and the image will be cropped and straightened out. Initially you will think it is over done but that is just your brain having to re-interpret the image after having got used to the sloping sides.

The third tutorial show you how you can pre-select the exact size and resolution of the final image as you crop it. Initially I show you the original image size, then I type in a new size and resolution. Now when I use the crop tool it will keep the aspect ration of the dimensions I have requested but when I hit return it will not only crop that image and make it the size I requested but change the resolution too.

The last tutorial shows you how you can use the rectangular marquee tool to crop images.



Using the Crop Tool



Using to crop tool to fix perspective lean



Cropping to a fixed size


Using the marquee tool for cropping



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