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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial


Photoshop Menu Bar

menu bar CS2

menu bar for CS3



The menu bars at the top of the screen are for cs2 top and cs3 below. They are the primary navigation area for each version of Photoshop. If none of your pallets are visible it is possible to get them all back from here. There are three parts to it. A top section with all the drop down menus much the same as any other program has. A lower section that includes setting for which ever of the various tools you have currently active and at the far right of this there is a docking station for any pallets you don't often use. You can drag any or your pallets here to keep them out of the way and drag them back out again by clicking on the tabs and holding down while you drag. The little shell symbol with the magnifying glass launches Adobe Bridge a file management program. We are mainly concerned with the top section here.

As you can see this section has several headings; File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select, Filter, View, Window & Help. You will notice I have left out onOne. That is because it is a separate 3rd party plug-in program that I have purchased separately and will not be discussing in these tutorials. Unless you have purchased and installed this software for yourself it won't appear on your menu bar.

As you pass your mouse over these headings on Photoshop they change to buttons. Clicking on them produces a drop down list of various options. for the sake of navigation I have created links in this image so clicking on the headings will take you to explanations of their contents where I have completed them.

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