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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial


Photoshop Layers - Creating Frames

In this tutorial I will try to demonstrate how you can create and apply various frames to your images. This tutorial is entirely video based using videos that I have uploaded to YouTube. Just click on the videos below to play them.

First of all I have created an image showing the typical layout for Photoshop. If you are using Elements the layout will look different so you will need to try and find the locations of the various features shown in your program. Unfortunately I do not own a version of Elements to show you where to find them.

Take a moment to study the image here. Click on it to bring up a full size version.

Once you are happy with it work your way through the tutorials. The first two tutorials are not about framing but about using the interface. the first is a brief introduction to layers and the second shows you how to restore missing pallets. Both might be useful to watch first if you are not that familiure with Photoshop or those elements. Watching them first will help in understanding the the frame tutorials.

There are countless ways in which you can use Photoshop to create frames and I have only touched on a few ideas here. Hopefully, thought, I have given you enough information so that you can use your own imagination to explore other ideas for yourself. If, however, your would like to know more, please contact me or go to my further reading page for details of Photoshop tutorial books I personally have found very helpful.

Photoshop working environment

Video Tutorials

Quick Introduction to Layers



Restoring Missing Pallets


Drop Frames / Shadow Frames


Knockout Frames - Creating, Saving and Re-using them


Matt & stroke effect framing

For further information on using layers check back in a few days or alternatively here is an index of other tutorials involving the use of layers.

Adjustment Layers

Blur - Applying Gaussian blur

Frames - Adding frames to your image

Quick selections using threshold in an adjustment layer

Sharpening - Selective sharpening using a layer mask

Recommended Further Reading for Photoshop


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