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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial




Photoshop's file Manager

Since Photoshop cs was released a file manager came with it. Initially it was a fairly basic package just called file manager but since cs2 the file manager has been replaced by Adobe Bridge. This is a far more powerful program that allows you to import image direct from your camera, sort them, add tags and keywords, edit metadata, change files names, rotate and delete all either individually or as a batch. It also includes a powerful search tool and integrates with Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for converting and editing RAW files without the need to open Photoshop.

With cs2, Bridge tends to run slow unless you have a really powerful computer but cs3 seems to have fixed that. I don't know what cs4 is like as I don't yet have it.

I will, at some stage, write a full tutorial on Bridge so do check back from time to time.

See also - Importing files with bridge.




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