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Displaying Converted RAW files In Bridge

OK so you've done all your work in ACR and got your RAW files just as you want them. You have saved them as TIFF files or JPEG's, depending on your choice, to another folder on your hard drive so now what happens to your original RAW files? This tutorial explains that part of the process.

Once you click 'DONE' in ACR the RAW conversion window closes down and you will be returned to your original Bridge window. As you look at it you will se some changes take place as Bridge updates the thumbnails with the new settings.

converted raw files in bridge

One-by-one a little icon will appear in the top right corner above each thumbnail and the image itself will change slightly to reflect your new settings. The icon that looks like two horizontal lines with little triangles under them tells you that changes have been made in ACR. You may also notice that any images marked for deletion have been cleared out (Deleted). They will be sitting in your recycle bin should you feel you made a mistake and want to restore them. Looking at this image above you will notice that some thumbnails have two icons above them. The other icon is the crop mark telling you that this image has been cropped and it will be the cropped view that ACR is showing. If it hasn't updated with the exposure and cropped settings (the third one in this view hasn't) just click on it to show it in the preview window and it should update. If a thumbnail has a thin black border around it that indicates that Bridge has not fully updated the file and clicking on it usually works.

converted raw files in bridge

Remember, the original files is still all there so if you don't like the crop you can restore the full image. You can do this either by opening the image up in ACR again and changing the individual setting or you can clear all the settings in one go by just right clicking on the thumbnail, scrolling down to 'Develop settings' and then 'Clear Settings' as shown below.

converted raw files in bridge

This will remove both the exposure settings and the crop you applied in ACR and return the file to it's original state as it came off the camera. You will see from the image below that both the icons have now gone from above the thumbnail and the image has returned to it's original dimensions.

converted raw files in bridge

You can do this at any time now or in the future and the original data will always be stored as long as you keep the original RAW file. You may notice there is also an option to restore the previous conversion but beware, this doesn't restore the crop and isn't 100% guaranteed to restore the settings exactly as you had them.

Using your ACR presets in Bridge

Remember we set up a set of presets in ACR to automatically apply certain standard settings that you might want to apply across a whole set of images? I showed you how to set one up for a specific lens and camera combination for instance, but you could create a preset for any combination of settings that you feel you want as standard. Once created you don't actually need to go into ACR to apply them. The screen shot below shows a brand new set of 'virgin' RAW files that I have just imported from my camera. You will notice from the lack of icons that no conversion has yet been applied to any of them.

converted raw files in bridge

All these images were shot on my Nikon D300 with the 18-200mm vr lens attached and I know I have a preset created just for that lens that will apply a standard batch of settings I think this lens needs. First I need to select all the thumbnails. to do that I click on one and then hit Ctrl+A on the keyboard. Alternatively you could select them by clicking on the first one and then Shift+click on the last in the set.

converted raw files in bridge

Now right click on any of the thumbnails to get the pop out list. Scroll down to 'Develop Settings' and you should see your presets listed at the bottom of the next pop out list. I have the preset I want highlighted above. All I need to do to apply it is to click on this preset and let Bridge do the rest.

converted raw files in bridge

Hey presto, Bridge has updated all the images. Now you can see they all have that little icon in the top right of their box to show that adjustments have been made without even opening ACR.

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